Fine jewelry: The importance of emerald in the manufacture of luxury jewelry

February 6, 2024

Emerald is a precious stone from the beryl family. Its intense green color is what mainly distinguishes it from other stones. The presence of chromium and vanadium in its chemical composition is what explains its color. Renowned for its beauty and rarity, it is very common in the world of jewelry. Let’s discover the main reasons why emerald is timeless in luxury jewelry.

Intensity and shine of the stone

Emerald is known for the intensity, depth and brilliance that characterize its color. The green of this precious stone is one of the most captivating colors you will find in jewelry. You will also find the most exceptional ones at Adriana Janae jewelries, a reference in the sale of high-end jewelry.

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Among the most popular gems, emerald is one of the most impressive to date. One of its assets is its unique luminosity. Its brilliance is a harmonious marriage between crystalline transparency and the radiant shade that evokes life. It offers luxury lovers a visual experience that transcends elegance. The combination of its natural beauty and the creativity of the goldsmith jeweler makes it a work of art that arouses admiration.

Rarity of the stone

One of the reasons why emerald is a gemstone in jewelry is its rarity. High-quality emeralds are not commonplace, and that is precisely why they are sought-after gems. If they are so rare, it is because of their complex formation. So finding a quality emerald is equal to finding a hidden treasure.

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It is therefore easy to understand why jewelry adorned with emerald is rare on the market. The quest for this precious stone is a real adventure in the depths of the earth. In the luxury jewelry market, emerald jewelry sets fascinate lovers of rare gems.

History and symbolism of the emerald

Emerald is a timeless stone that captures the admiration of luxury lovers. It has been prized since antiquity, and continues to enhance jewelry. It has long been associated with royalty and nobility. It symbolizes prestige, power, and refinement. Beyond a simple precious stone, it is a favorite jewel of the royal courts.

We generally notice that the luxurious jewelry of royalty (tiara, crown, etc.) is mainly adorned with these exceptional gems. Queen Elizabeth II's emerald set is the perfect example. This jewelry set includes a necklace, a tiara, and earrings. She received this magnificent jewel from the hands of Juscelino Kubitschek, president of Brazil in 1953.

Cultural connotation

Emerald in some cultures refers to positive values. In Colombia for example, it is considered lucky. It should also be noted that this State is one of the major producers of this gem in the world. In Colombian culture, it occupies a major place.

Not only does it evoke life, but this stone is also said to bring luck and prosperity. In other cultures, it is also associated with spirituality. All of this helps to enhance the beauty and value of this exceptional stone.